A Rocha Czech’s Volunteer Week

Job description: Three days of work in the A Rocha Czech headquarters — especially in the living garden, care of the garden and other land, completion of another pond, planting plants and shrubs, helping inside our centre; one day in the Ptačí park Josefovské louky (private bird reservation belonging to Česká společnost ornitologická); and one day in the CHKO Orlické hory (so called Eagle mountains) protected landscape area.

Accompanying program – morning short reading and pondering nature-emphasizing Bible texts in Czech and English.
We´ll work max. five hours a day, in the afternoon there´ll be other activities such as catching and ringing birds, walks and shorter trips to the surrounding countryside, connected either with Czech traditional mushrooming (plus a simple mycological course) or monitoring of nesting kingfishers or dippers.

Evening program – songs and a joint reading of various inspiring environmental books

Sunday, July 11th – closing service at our centre or in the local church

Simple accommodation – bring your sleeping bags and mats, we´ll sleep either in the centre or in the garden (in a tent, forest shed or ornithological hide).

Food – food for everyone will be prepared by our cook, who will need the help of several volunteers in the kitchen or dining room

Cost: $17 per night

Transportation: You are responsible for your own travel arrangements/expenses to the headquarters. During the week, transport will be provided in cars.

Capacity is limited to 30 people. Half of the volunteers are expected to be from the Czech Republic; the other half of volunteers from England, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal or the USA.

Zdroj: https://facebook.com/events/764531030679117.

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